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You can fight him over and over again or use the friend bow, the friend bow is in special missions with codes online.

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Q: How can you recruit zapdose in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?
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Where does zapdose live in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

Mt thunder peak,where else!!jeez

How do you get to zapdose in Pokemon FireRed?

its in the power plant

Where to find a zapdose on Pokemon diamond?

trade for one

Can you get a Zapdose in Pokemon Emerald?

Zapdos is not available in Emerald you will need to trade one from Firered, Leafgreen, or Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness.

How many Pokemon rare in Pokemon Silver?

there are only 8 rare Pokemon in soul silver (articuno,zapdose,lugia,entay,hoho,rioku,moltress,suikune)

How do you get zapdose on Pokemon Gold?

You can't get one at all in Gold. You'd have to trade one from Red/Blue/Yellow.

Where do you get zapdose in Pokemon HeartGold?

After beating all the Kanto gyms Go to the power plant and it is standing right outside

What are all the legendary Pokemon LeafGreen?

Theres raiku,enti,suicune,articuno,zapdose,moletres,mewtwo,jiratchi,deyoxes, rayquaza.

How do you get zapdose in diamond?

go on www.marriland

Where is zapdose soul silver?

Power Plant

How do you get zapdose?

you go to the the powerplant east of cerreleun city

How to get Zapdose on Pokemon platinum?

you have to get the national pokedex and then talk to professer in eterna city last house on the lower left . he will tell you that zapdos, moltres and articuno are travelling throughout sinnoh, like mesprit, and cresselia.