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Free market. Found in Perion, Henesys, Orbris, Ludibrum, Ariant, Magatia, Aqua Road, El Nath, Korean Folk Town, Omega Sector, Mu Lung, Herb Town and other popular cities.

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Right click the specified character and press trade...

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Q: How can you sell stuff easily in Maplestory?
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How do you sell stuff in Maplestory freemarket?

if u wanna sell stuff, u say S>(anything that u r selling) example, im gonna sell a mastery book and i say: S>MASTERY BOOK orr if u have nx, u can buy the selling thing in cash shop

Where can you download Haruki Maplestory?

Don't be pathetic. Do the real stuff.

What stores sell Maplestory?

None its a free site

Where to go in Maplestory to get cool lvl 0 stuff?

Nexon shop

For How much should you sell one flint for in Maplestory?


Where to buy geek stuff online?

There are many different online shops and sites which are tailored to sell geek stuff. Geek stuff can be easily bought at online comic stores or electronics stores.

How do you sell items on Maplestory?

You go to and click on sell and you start selling items and if that's not it ask again.

In Maplestory how do you get growth powder?

The woman that wears the white stuff, and the hat with a blue W on it.

How do you get gold on spineworld easily?

There used to be a cheat, but they fixed it. There is really no way to get gold, and If your still out of quests, sell some of your stuff.

What is Fm on Maplestory?

FM is the free market found in many places in Maplestory. It is usually a place where you can either sell or buy items

Why dont you sell free stuff?

If you sell stuff, then it is not free.

Can you get a home on Maplestory?

Technically you can, but the "home" is only for farming for experience. You grow stuff on your farm/home.