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You mean hover in the air with your tail. Press B agian.

to jump super high, crouch, then jump

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Q: How do you Super jump on Conker Live and Reloaded?
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When was Super Jump created?

Super Jump was created in 1986.

How do you do a super long jump on super Mario 64 ds?

To do a super jump,you start running and jump 3 times(make sure you have enough room for that!)and you should do a super jump :)

When did Jump Super Stars happen?

Jump Super Stars happened in 2005.

When was Jump Super Stars created?

Jump Super Stars was created on 2005-08-08.

What is a super jump in Mario super sluggers?

if you are talking about a buddy jump it is where you catch a home run with a partner

How do you do a super jump in Mario super sluggers?

To accomplish a buddy jump, stand next to a player with good chemistry. Then hit the A button twice to jump!

How do you get super jump in black ops?

you cannot get the super jump hack in black ops, nobody has found a way on how to get it.

Super jump on dino run?

super jump of course you do not want to run like a fat stinky dinosaur

How do you get attack scarf in Super Mario RPG?

Super-jump or Ultra-jump 30 times in a row, then talk to the Chow in Monstro Town, it's the 2nd door from the jump pad. And if you manage to super/ultra-jump 100 times, talk to him again and he'll give you a Super Suit!

How do you wall jump in Super Smash Bros melee?

In Super Smash Bros Melee, the wall jump allows you to jump from a wall. Simply jump at a wall and then move the stick in the other direction.

How do you jump in super Mario flash 2?

You jump in Super Mario Flash 2 by pressing the up button on the keyboard.

How do you do a super long jump in super Mario 64?

Press the button on the back ("Z" I think) and the jump button ("A" I think)