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im not real sure either, but i just found out that if u push the orb, then go to your friends, and if they have invited you, highlight their name, then at the bottom of the menu where it shows what buttons do what, it should say accept invite, then push the blue x. it should join their game in progress. hope that makes sense

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Q: How do you accept invite on xbox live?
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Can you invite a friend to a game on xbox 360 even though they don't have the game?

You can invite players to a game on xbox live whether or not they are playing the game. They must have the game (and an xbox live subscription) to actually join you and play the game, however.

How do you play Minecraft split screen on the XBox 360 without Xbox live?

You'll need a friend with you in real life, so you can share a screen. Your friend will have to add their controller, and then you can play. As for XBOX Live, split screen isn't needed as your playing on different consoles. Just invite them to an XBOX party and you can invite them to your minecraft game, no split screen needed.

How come when i accept the terms for Xbox live your Xbox freezes?

You probably get a bad connection, try registering on the computer then login on the xbox.

Is there online co-op in halo 4?

You can invite people to play the campaign with you over xbox live.

Is xbox live free on weekends?

The simple answer is No... ..Accept on XBL festival or other special weekends when they decide to reward their fellow XBL contributers.

How do you join invite only party's on Xbox 360?

You can not join invite only parties.

How do i play nazi zombies 2 players on Xbox live?

you click private match the press invite friends to game then you play

Can 2 people talk on their headset in xbox live when they are playing different games?

yes you can if you invite the other person to a private chat

Why can't i accept game invites on XBOX LIVE?

because r u under 18

How do you can live together on Sims 3 for Ipad?

Invite someone over using the telephone and if they accept the invite then touch them and choose actions and click 'ask to move in' . This works best if you are partners with this sim.

Frame sentence on Accept the challenge?


How do you accept a faction invite in Minecraft?

To answer a faction invite just do /f join <faction name>