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After the sixth gym leader, go to Mahogany Town, then north to the lake of rage.

*You should catch it, dont wipe it out XD

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Q: How do you battles red gyrados Pokemon crystal?
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Where is the red gyrados in Pokemon Crystal?

You find it at the Lake of Rage. You need a Pokemon that knows Surf to get to it.

How can you battle with Red Gyrados in Mahogany town in Pokemon Crystal?

simple battle

How do you get red gyardos in Pokemon platinum?

Actually there is no red Gyrados. I mean there is, but a red Gyrados is a shiny Gyrados.

Where do you get exp all in crystal version?

if you mean exp. share the catch the red gyrados and trade the red scale to mr Pokemon

Where is the red graynadus in Pokemon Pearl?

There is no Red Gyrados in Pokemon Diamond. You have to catch it in Gold, Silver, or Crystal, then trade it to one of the GBA Pokemon games. After that, you can migrate it into Pal Park.

Where is the red gyrados in Pokemon diamond?

The red Gyrados is found in the Sendoff lake at the Spring Path.

Can you catch the red gyrados in Pokemon diamond?

yes, but not the way it is caught in Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Heartgold, and Soulsilver. Shiny Pokemon are a 1:8192 chance in finding one.

Where can you get exp share in Pokemon gold silver and crystal?

You trade the red scale to Mr.Pokemon for the EXP Share. You get the red scale from the red Gyrados in the Lake of Rage. Hope it helped. =D

How do you get a red gyrados in Pokemon?

it is in sendoff lake

How do you get the golden oddish in Crystal version?

A golden oddish is just like a red gyrados, or a pink butterfree. They're shiny pokemon. They have enhanced stats but you only have a 1 in 1000 chance in encountering one. Of course the red gyrados is just right there in the lake.

In Pokemon heart gold can the red gyrados only be a female Pokemon?


How do you get red gyrados on Pokemon platinum?

action replay