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Well, its really quite difficult to be honest since critical hits are random. If you have the warrior skill "Whistle" then you're half way done. Use the skill in battle and hope you get a Critical Hit. P.S Thunder thrust will not work.

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After you accept the quest stay in an inn but just rest til evening (or go out of the town and battle until it gets dark). Go back to Porth Llaffan and speak to the ghost by the water (must be at night).

She will tell you 3 items you need (a wand, shield and dress i think) so go and buy them/make them with alchemy.

Go back and talk to Jonah again once you have them and go to through Tywll Cave to Cuddledig Cliff and equip the gear to one of your party members. Then talk to Jonah again, at which point you'll get to beat Lleviathan and eat the Fygg. Then something good will happen!

Good luck!

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A critical hit is when an attack or directly offensive ability does much more damage than usual. My impression is that they randomly occur, although the chance depends on the character's Deftness attribute.

Some monsters such as hammerhoods that can perform critical hits have a different animation for this.

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Q: How do you beat quest 39 in dragon quest ix?
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