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Gorons, can't jump very well, but they can pound.

Press a and hold, which should put you in ur roll form, the press b to pound.

I can't tell for sure, but I bet ur at the part where ur trying to get into the goron's frosty shelter, aren't you? :)

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do not listen to the previous answer, it is useless, you should follow the goron ghost into the goron shrine, if you use the truth scope (or whatever its called) it will give you a goron mask

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Q: How do you become goron in majoras mask?
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How do you get to goron city in majoras mask?

Thereis no Goron City in Majoras Mask. But there is a Goron Village in the Northern Mountains, but before you can go there you need to get the Hero's Bow from Woodfall temple.

On Zelda majoras mask how do you get the gorons mask?

To get the mask, Get the lens of truth, Look at the shadow (in goron village), Follow the goron, then play the song of healing! Hope I helped! =D

If you use the truth scope on majoras mask?

You can see various things normally you wouldn't see like the goron ghost or platforms.

In majoras mask how do you get the goron mask?

To get the Goron's Mask, you need to follow the owl in Goron city. He will lead you to a cave where you can get the Eye of Truth. Leave the cave and use the eye of truth and you should see a ghost of a Goron. He will lead you to his grave. Play the Song of Healing for him and you will get the Goron's Mask.

What the easiest way to get past the goron king who blows you away in legend of Zelda majoras mask?

There's only one way to get past Biggoron: slip into the Goron Mask and play the Goron Lullaby. Biggoron will fall asleep and fall over, effectively clearing the path to the Snowhead Temple.

How do you get majoras mask in Zelda majoras mask?

You can't really get majoras mask even if you could you would get it by the time the happy mask guy wants it back

Majoras mask goron village where is the father frozen?

He's frozen in the area just before you enter the village, where there are a bunch of chunks of land separated by ice.

Does majoras mask 2 exists?

No majoras mask is the second ocarina of time

How do you get majoras mask in the Legend of Zelda majoras mask?

You don't really get it

How do you you get a membership in Zelda majoras mask?

You get Romani's Mask.

Do you need the Goron Mask in Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask?

Yes you need the Goron Mask as well as 22 other Masks to get the Fierce Deity Mask

How do you get the cafe mask in majoras mask?

There is no mask titled 'Cafe Mask' in Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.