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On the main screen, go to Options, then go down to calibrate board, next just follow the instructions.

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go into options and then scroll down to calibrate board

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you cant i dont know how

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Q: How do you calibrate Tony Hawk shred board for xbox 360?
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How do you turn on the Tony Hawk shred board?

press the on button

What is different between Tony Hawk ride and Tony Hawk shred?

tony hawk shred has snowboarding in it

What games can use Tony Hawk shred board?

It's just the Tony Hawk: Shred and Tony Hawk: Ride, that's what I've heard. I don't think it's compatible with any other games than those two.

Can you play Tony Hawk shred with the board from Tony Hawk ride?

yes i tried it before on my wii when i had tony hawk ride cause its the same controller but different designs

Does Tony Hawk shred come with the board and the game?

you can buy both or only one

Can you play Shaun White on Tony Hawk shred board?

yes i hav both

Do you need a board on Tony Hawk shred?

Yes. You have to buy it in the store, and I think it's pretty expensive.

Why does Tony Hawk shred not work?

it may be because the board is faulty or you havent syncronised it too your games console

Can you use your Tony Hawk ride controller for Tony Hawk shred?

Nope bud

Are there cheats for Tony Hawk shred?


Can the skateboard from the first Tony Hawk game work with Tony Hawk shred?

no way jose

Does Tony Hawk shred come with the game inside?

No it does not (i think)