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well go to the enstate agent in runescape

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Q: How do you change your hometown to Varrock in RuneScape?
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Can you change your clothes on Runescape?

In varrock they let you change your clothes at the hair cuttery.

Where is varrock square in RuneScape?

Right in the center of Varrock.

Where can you change your appearance in RuneScape?

Varrock for clothes, Lower Falador for gender, Upper for hair.

Where are tea stalls on RuneScape?


Where can you get a copy of the Varrock Herald on RuneScape?

A copy of the Varrock Herald can be purchased from Benny in Varrock Square for 50 coins.

Where is reldo in the library on RuneScape?

You just said it, Varrock Library, Inside Varrock Castle.

Is the estate agent in a building in varrock on runescape?

yes he is, he's right by the varrock museum (which is north of the varrock east bank)

Where is father Lawrence RuneScape?

Varrock church.

Where is the Varrock Museum in RuneScape?

The Varrock Castle is east of the Varrock bank or northwest of the Varrock General store.

Where is the Varrock palace in RuneScape?

The Varrock Palace in RuneScape is located at the center of Varrock. It can be reached by running east of the Grand Exchange, running north of the Varrock Lodestone, and also by running south from the Wilderness. The Varrock Palace is most commonly used for quest purposes because King Roald is located in there.

Where is thessalia in RuneScape?

in varrock directly south of the gypsie place next to the town center of Varrock

How can you get to the cage of the grizzly bear in varrock in runescape?

There is a ladder in the Varrock sewers that leads up into the cage.