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you just delete them 1 by 1 that's the only way

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Q: How do you clear your friend tree on moshi monsters?
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What are some usernames in Moshi Monsters?

Go to your Moshi Monsters room and click on your friend tree. You can see a list of the User Names of your Moshi friends there. Click on any friend, visit their room, click on their friend tree and you can see more Moshi Monsters User Names.

How do you get 1000 Rox just to get a friend on moshi monsters?

You do not need Rox to get friends on Moshi Monsters. Just go to the friend's room, click on the Friend Tree, and ask them to be your friend.

Why is your friend tree full on Moshi Monsters?

because monsters

Can your friends tree on moshi monsters move?

No the Friend Tree stays next to your door.

How do you block your friend on moshi monsters?

From your friends tree if you find you find your friend on the tree you will see an option to block them.

Is Clicky of Moshi Monsters a girl or a boy?

There is no moshling or character on Moshi Monsters named Clicky. If you are asking about a Moshi Monsters Owner name, you can find out by going to your Friend Tree and searching for them.

What is the limit of friends you can have on the moshi monsters friend tree?

you can have as much friends as you want

What is the friends tree on moshi monsters?

its so you can add people to be your friend add me scott7837

Can your friend tree get so tall moshi monsters gives you a new room?

No, your Friend Tree will just add more branches. You have to be a paid Moshi Member and buy new rooms.

How do you have a real best friend at Moshi Monsters?

In your tree tap momsfavourite and you gonna have a good friend.By:momsfavourite

How do you invite people to your house in moshi monsters?

You don't invite them to your house. If they want to visit you, they click on you in there friends tree. If they are not your friend, click on your friend in the Friends Tree, and then click on the monster in your friend's friend tree.

How do you go to your friends house on moshi monsters?

Click on your friend tree, then just click on your friend you want to go see! Easy as pie!