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you just throw stuff at him before he throws it at you. if you hit him once he wont really recover and you just repeat

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Q: How do you defeat Darth Vader the first time on Force Unleashed when he's throwing stuff at you?
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Who is Darth phobes?

A Darth who appeared in the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Would starkiller win or Darth Vader?

yes starkiller proved stronger then Darth Vader in both the force unleashed 1 and force unleashed 2.

How do you get Darth Maul on Star Wars the force unleashed?

There is no cheat for that.

How do you beat the force unleashed 2?

By beating Darth Vader

How do you finish the story on Star Wars force unleashed as a sith?

After you defeat Darth Vader you will begin a battle with the emporor. Forget about that and go to kill Darth Vader. Swing at him with your lightsaber and the dark side ending will begin.

Who are the sith lords in Star Wars the force unleashed?

The Emperor Darth Vader Darth Desolous Darth Phobos And that's all I remember

Is it possible to play as Darth Vader in the force unleashed?

Yes on the first level

What all characters can you be on Star Wars the Force unleashed for Wii?

Darth Vader

What is Darth Vader's weakness on Star Wars the Force Unleashed 1?

Level 3 Force Repulse.

Does dark vadar battle his assistant in Star Wars force unleashed?

Its Darth Vader

Do you use a Darth Vader costume in star wars force unleashed 2 PS3?


Where is the first red crystal on Star Wars the force unleashed?

Darth Vader gives it to you.