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First find a vertibird. Then pull out the fatman. Shoot the fatman at the vertibird (from a distance).The talk to Moira Brown in Megaton and buy ALL of her items. Then kill her with enclave power armor on. After that find an enclave solider. You will notice the solider is friendly to you. Make sure there is a vertibird nearby. Walk over to the vertibird and it will start to follow you. It will drop enclave soliders anytime an enemy is nearby. The soliders will attack the enemy and easily kill it. It usually drops 10 soliders at a time. Anytime you want the vertibird to stop following you simply go to your pip-boy. Go to the misc category and there will be an item without a picture called "86908-error-vertibird-model no.7660366754" just click "drop" and the vertibird will be gone. Don't worry it will still be in your inventory, and all you have to do to get it back is click "drop" again. Just make sure to put the vertibird away before entering buildings or the game will freeze. Hope this helped! Enjoy!

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Q: How do you do the vertibird glitch on fallout 3?
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Where does arcade talk to you on Fallout New Vegas?

The crashed Vertibird

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unfortuneately no, although in some questlines, you can ride in crafts, such as vertibirds, and a boat....unless you have the PC version and then the answer is a resounding YES! Cars, Bikes, and a working Vertibird.

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does it do it when you look in a certain direction? cuz that happened to me, i think its just a glitch it is just a glitch

Are you able to drive vehicles in Fallout New Vegas?

There are a few available mods from Erneso. on a website called nexus. Cars, Motorcycles and a working vertibird.

How do you do the vendor glitch in Fallout New Vegas?

Sometimes if you do a power punch against the glass you glitch through it but once you get in the vendor will shoot you and he is invincible so your pretty much dead.

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Occasionally Fallout: New Vegas will freeze, but not as frequently as Fallout 3.

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There is no such place in fallout 3.

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fallout 3 psp??????

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How do you get the tesla cannon in fallout 3?

You have to do broken steel and when you go to the supply crate outside to tunnel where you get your orders and there is a tesla cannon there, it is one of the best weapons I ever used in the game, it can even take out a vertibird in one shot!

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