How do you fix a necklace?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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The best option to do would be to take it to the nearest Jeweler otherwise you will break it even more.

If there is a small break then you can even check the videos on YouTube and try to fix it. You can even read certain blogs written by the fashion experts and they will tell about the fixing. If you have purchased the designer necklace online then you can also contact to that seller so that he can provide you an idea of fixing it.

If the necklace can't be repaired and looking shabby after the repairing being done or it is costing much more in repairing then instead of wasting money in that you can even buy new and trendy necklaces from or any other jewelry store you can have a look.

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If the necklace is a wide link chain then the solution is simple. You will need a pair of Jeweler's pliers, available at your local craft store. Simply pry open one of the links and slip the next link into it and bend the link closed again. The reason for the jeweler's pliers is that they are specially designed not to mar the surface of the jewelry in repairs. They are round jawed and tapered to fit inside links. If your piece is valuable, it might be better to use the money to get a local jeweler to do it. The price should be nominal.

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Only way might be taking it to a jeweler, you cannot hotglue it because until it broke again you would be wearing it forever!!!!!(Or it would be stuck in your jewelry box for a while LOL.)

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Q: How do you fix a necklace?
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