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You need both of the gemstones to do it. The Ruby is on Mt. Ember where two Rocket members are standing trying to find treasure. You get close and they you will overhear a password used to get the other gemstone (You dont need to memorize it) And then you battle both of them and follow the path. You will come to a fork in the road, South is the path you wanna take, since the other way takes you out.

The Sapphire (or Emerald, not really remembering what it really is) is on Island Six, in the Dotted Cave... You will need to do some braille translating though to get to it. When you do get the gem, somebody will steal it and they will tell you the second password. Now head to Island Five and go to the Rocket Base, solve the puzzles and you will get the gem. Now the machine is fixed.

Hope this helped.

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Q: How do you fix the machine in island 1?
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How do you fix the machine on one island Pokemon LeafGreen?

get both ruby and sapphire to the man next to the machine

How do you trade Pokemon leaf green and Pokemon sapphire whithout beating the Pokemon league?

fix the machine on island 1 find the ruby and the sapphire stones

How do you get Treecko in Pokemon FireRed?

After you fix the machine on 1 Island with the ruby and sapphire, it allows you to trade with the games emerald, ruby and sapphire. You can trade a Treeko from one of those games to FireRed.

Pokemon FireRed secrets?

In Pokémon Fire Red, catch all 386 Pokémon to get the diploma. On Island 1, fix the network machine by bringing ruby and sapphire to the machine. This will unlock ruby and sapphire trading.

How do you cool down the club nouveau riche on poptropica Game Show Island?

you use the fan you get from the factory when you fix the machine!!

How do you get to crystal island on sims castaways for psp?

you fix the work bench in the temple and it will pop up and then you can go on it from island 1 to island 2.

What is in icefall cave in firered?

Icefall Cave is where you get 1 of the gems for Celios machine on island 1.

Can You Trade Pokemon From Emerld To LeafGreen?

Yes, once you fix the machine in One Island in the Leaf Green game. After doing so, you can trade with Hoenn region games.

Where is celio in Pokemon LeafGreen?

He is on 1 island in the Pokemon center building in front of the huge machine

How do you fix the trading machine in LeafGreen?

if you mean the machine on island 1 then that's simple k. just follow these steps. 1:get 60 captured Pokemon on pokedex 2:then go to mt. ember and ther'll be team rocket people fight them and go in tunnel to get ruby. then talk to oak at his lab and get rainbow pass and unlock islands 4,5,6,7 3fing out how to get sapphire cuz i forgot

How do you fix a memory leak?

reboot the machine

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Replace with a new disc if professional cleaning machine does not fix it