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First you go for a walk with the dog you want to train, then draw a route to the training center in the bottom right (I think it's in the bottom right) and then walk there. You should wait until you have enough walk lines (for when you draw your walk out) to be able to get at least 1-2 presents and go to a store or field in one single walk before the agility training. Once you get there instructions will be provided for you. Have fun! (Note: The more contests you enter each time you go back there will be more obstacles and new ones will be added as you level up)

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You just have to get on teeter totter then go down the other way,and you have to becareful not letting your dog fall of the teeter totter.hope this help you thank you.

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Q: How do you get a puppy to go to the agility on Nintendogs ds?
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How can you find out how old your puppy on nintendogs ds lite?

When u click the ? Mark and go to the dogs status it shows time spent but that's as close as you can get to age.

Can a Nintendogs game go into a normal ds?

yes i think so. it can definitely go on the ds lite for sure:)

Where is the gymnasium in Nintendogs dalmatian?

The gymnasium in Nintendogs you can find when you take you're dog for a walk, it's on the far right at the very end where you can practice your dogs agility but if you want to compete than go tap the icon competitions that is on the go out menu and its the one of course that says agility hope this helps.

Do you have to have 9000 trainer pts to have a baby puppy on nintendogs?

Yes, all Nintendogs are puppies. Just go to the Kennel to purchase one. However, if you mean breeding Nintendogs to have puppies, then the answer will be no. You can't breed Nintendogs

How do you you delete Nintendogs on DS?

go to main menu select delete and delete it

How do you swap a new puppy on Nintendogs?

If you want to swap you go to the puppy hotel and hit "swap". Select the puppy you want in their care and then tap the one you want to take home. Or buy a puppy from the kennel and if you do not want a puppy anymore donate it at the hotel at the bottom.

How can you get money to buy another dog on Nintendogs for ds?

There are two ways to make money. First, you can do Obedience Trails, Agility Competitions, or disc competitions. You will get a cash prize if you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. You can also go on walks, and when you go on walks, you will find toys and prizes in the street. You can sell them for money. The rarer ones will go for a lot of money.

How do you make your puppy go to bed on nintendogs lab and friends?

Find the naptime record when on a walk. when played the dogs will fall asleep.

Can you change the time on Nintendogs - chihuahua and friends?

You need to change the time on the actual DS system as the games think it is whatever time the DS says it is

How do you buy stuff in Nintendogs ds?

1) Tap go out 2) Tap Shopping 3)Tap on pet supply

Can you play the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs Dalmatian And Friends on the Internet?

Just go to this site to play them:

How do you get points in Nintendogs?

first make sure your dog is beautiful then brush it go to brush again then leave the brush where it was keep ds open leave it on the charger all night the ds is on