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In Pokemon Lake click the button that says "Battle" after that click "Megas!". You have to defeat "Garret"

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Q: How do you get mewtwo mega x in Pokemon lake?
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Does Mewtwo have a final form in Pokemon?

Mewtwo can Mega Evolve into either Mega Mewtwo Y or Mega Mewtwo X.

Does Mewtwo evolve in Pokemon FireRed?

Mewtwo is the ultimate Psychic type legendary Pokemon. It was introduced in the first generation and does not evolve into any other Pokemon, although as of the sixth generation it can mega evolve into Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y.

Who is Mewtwo?

MEWTWO is a very strong Pokemon with the 2nd highest sp atk in the game!!! Its speed is good aswell!! In the Pokemon first movie mewtwo is enemy and against mew but mew beat him so they are both good.

What are all the Pokemon in Pokemon X?

Pokémon exclusive to X version include-Mega Charizard XMega Mewtwo XStaryuStarmieHoundourHoundoomPoochyenaMightyenaAronLaironAggronLileepCradilyAnorithArmaldoSawkSwirlixSlurpuffClauncherClawtizerXerneas

Do legendary Pokemon evolve?

No Legendary Pokémon do not naturally evolve however Mewtwo which is a Legendary Pokémon is capable of mega evolving into either Mewtwo X or Mewtwo Y depending on the Mega Stone that it is currently holding.

Can Mewtwo evolve into mewthree?

No, Mewtwo cannot evolve into Mewthree. Mewthree isn't an existing Pokémon however Mewtwo can use a Mega Stone in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y in order to mega evolve during battle into MegaMewtwo.

When does mew evolve in Pokemon indigo?

Mewtwo cannot evolve, but it can mega evolve temporarily in Pokemon X, Y, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby by letting it hold a Mewtwonite X or Mewtwonite Y.

What Pokemon will have 2 or more Mega Evolutions in Pokemon X and Y?

The Pokémon confirmed to have a Mega Evolutionin Pokémon X and Y are the following:Generation IPinsir - Bug/FlyingAlakazam - PsychicGyarados - Water/DarkGengar - Ghost/PoisonAerodactyl - Rock/FlyingKangaskhan - NormalVenusaur - Grass/PoisonBlastoise - WaterCharizard X - Fire/Dragon (Pokémon X exclusive)Charizard Y - Fire/Flying (Pokémon Y exclusive)Mewtwo X - Psychic/Fighting (Pokémon X exclusive)Mewtwo Y - Psychic (Pokémon Y exclusive)Generation IIAmpharos - Electric/DragonHeracross - BugScizor - Bug/SteelHoundoom - Dark/FireTyranitar - Rock/DarkGeneration IIIBlaziken - Fire/FightingMawile - Steel/FairyAbsol - DarkGardevoir - Psychic/FairyMedicham - Fighting/PsychicAggron - SteelBanette - GhostManectric - ElectricGeneration IVLucario - Fighting/SteelGarchomp - Dragon/GroundAbomasnow - Grass/IceWhen a Pokémon is in this state, the prefix Mega is added to their names (e.g., Mega Blaziken).

How do you get the two Mega Stones for Mewtwo and two Mewtwos in Pokemon X or Y?

The Mewtwonite X is exclusively for Pokémon X while the Mewtwonite Y is exclusively for Pokémon Y, so in order to get both Mega Stones (or more of the same one) and another Mewtwo in a single game, trading is required.

How do you get mewx?

There’s no such thing as Mew X, but thanks to mega evolution, there’s such a thing as Mewtwo X and Y.

Is Mewtwo Y better than Mewtwo X?

This is an opinion question, so opinions will vary by person. I personally prefer Mega Mewtwo Y, but that's just my opinion.

Is it possible to get the Mega Mewtwo Evolution from Pokémon Y in Pokémon X by trading the evolution item?