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My kids found that the easiest way to earn money was to play the game Smash and Dash or Rocket Bolt. You can also find the credit fairy that hides in a different place each day - but its worth 4 credits of you find it.

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Q: How do you get more money on dinosawus?
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Where is tess on dinosawus?


In dinosawus What is the code for this d3n4v1ll2y353nd1ng2r?

Dino Valley is in danger

Are there games that you really be a dinosaur or a dragon?

there is a game called DinoSawUs

What are some codes for DinoSawUs?

Why would you want cheat codes for DinoSawUs - it's free game and all answers to the hard adventures are on their web site under FAQ's or Help

What is the dinosaur that took the code book on dinosawus?

I'm sure it was Tess's nemesis ...

Are there any games like webosaurs?

There is Dinosawus, My dinos, dino kids and dizzywood

Is ther any dinosar games?

Yes a suckish game called dinosawus

What is Dinosawus?

DinoSawUs is a fun and educational prehistoric world for kids. Create your own Dinosaur, play cool Dinosaur games with with others in Dino Valley, earn stars, and buy cool stuff for your T-Rex or Triceratops!

How do you get stars on dinosawus?

Stars are easy to earn on DinoSawUs. Take one of there awesome adventures, play and win one of multi-player games - Roar, Dino Race or Splat. Or simply answer the daily quiz at the Lava Rapids.

Are there any dinosaur virtual online worlds?

One is Webosaur, Another is Exhibited, Another is Dinosawus, And LAst but not least. Dino Kids.

What is the correct order of the letters in DinoSawUs's adventure smoke spirals?

the correct order of the letters are 'jumper'. you really have to pay attention to all the ladders and obsticles

Is these a free virtual world where you are a cat?

Not that I know of but there are other virtual animal worlds like: StarStable AnimalJam SecretBearWorld NeoPets Panfu Petra's Planet MonkeyQuest DinoStorm ClubPenguin DinoSawUs And many more that I haven't even listed or played yet.