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you cant.

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Q: How do you get sims 3 teenagers married?
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Can teenagers get married in The Sims 3?

No. Sims can only get married if they are young adults, adults or elders. When i was playing today, my teenage sim met another teenager, and she was married to someone ^^

Can teenagers get married in Sims 2?

Unless you download a hack, no.

In The Sims 3 for the PS3 can your children turn into teenagers?

Your Sims children can turn into teenagers you just have to wait for awhile.

What is the cheat to get teenagers pregnant in sims 3?


How do you get married on sims 3 ambitions for the iPhone?

You can get married on the Sims 3 ambitions

Can teenagers have babies on the Sims 3?

with a mod they can (at

How do you make teenagers on sims 3 PC get pregnant?

You cant make teenagers preagnant on the sims 3,only the young adults and up can make love and have a baby.

Can you get married after being divorced on sims 3?

Yes you can still get married after you are divorced on the Sims 3

How do you marry a teen vampire in sims 2 deluxe?

Sim teenagers (regular or supernatural) can not get married.

In the sims 3 can teenagers get jobs other than part'time?


Can you get teenagers on the Sims 1?

The sims cannot be teenagers ismply in the sims 1, but the sims 1 fans made a program, what if you install it, the sims can be teenagers. You can download the program, if you search for it.

Is sims is for teenagers?

Sims is for all ages. However, features such as Woohoo, especially in Sims 2 and 3, are considered unsuitable for younger ages, hence the 12 age rating. Teenagers generally enjoy Sims games a lot.