How do you get the Zakum helmet in Maplestory?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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You can buy it using mesos at the FM, or you could kill Zakum.

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Q: How do you get the Zakum helmet in Maplestory?
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What is the best hat in Maplestory?

zakum helmet

How do you get a zakum helmet in Maplestory?

you go to elnath dead mine. then you party up or solo zakum. when it's dead it will drop helmets. but you will have to be fast because if you partyed with alot people. they might take all of them

Can wildhunters in Maplestory fight zakum?


How do you get zakum helmet?

U can buy it at the FM or u can kill zakum ;p

What channel is the best to fight zakum in Maplestory?

It doesn't matter what channel you're on as long as no one else is fighing zakum on that channel.

Can you do the Level 1 Zakum quest three times first then do the rest after in maplestory?

Nooope ):

Were is normal zakum expedition in Maplestory?

first you go to orbis then you go to elnath then into the dead mine

Where are the shops for level 70 plus in Maplestory?

None, you have to make your weapons and equips from then on or you can get drops from bosses like balrog or zakum.

What is the Name for Elizabethan helmet?

At this time in history the helmet was called a cupon or the hat of iron and sttel because of how it could protect your head.

Where is the special helmet in James whereabouts 2 in maplestory?

Dropped by Helmet Pepe on a lower chance.

How do you get a zhelm in Maplestory?

You can either buy one from the Free Market Place, or collect one by killing Zakum. I suggest getting a party to kill him as he drops a few at a time. You must first be level 50 to wear it, and must have done the pre-requisite quests in order to fight Zakum.

How do you get triple throw im Maplestory?

You can get Triple Throw from many bosses, the most popular being Zakum. Once you are 4th job, kill Zakum and get the mastery book. Once you have the mastery book, you can use it to raise your TT skill level. You can also buy it in the Free Market, although it may be expensive.