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I believe that you mean a Braydenball. You can buy it for 45 Dragoncoins at Cysero's Superstore of Savings in Falconreach.

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Q: How do you get the pet that is a blue ball in dragonfable?
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How do you get sneevil pet in dragonfable?

There are different methods of getting a Sneevil based pet in Dragonfable. You can either enter the town in Ravenloss and seek out a Sneevmole or you can (with enough defender metals) get one from the defender items shop.

How do you get a blood wolf on Dragon Fable?

Blood Wolf cannot be obtained as a pet in DragonFable.

What is the best pet for level 23 in dragonfable?

Lil inferno 15-45 range or draco 30-60

How do you get your pet to play ball pet society?

I give it a treat if it does.

Where can you get a moglin pet instead Twilly and Zorbac in dragonfable wherein it can heal or add HP to your character?

Nowhere ,full stop.

Where is the blue puffle in the pet shop?

The blue puffle in the pet shop in Club Penguin is in the catalog there is no blue puffle in the picture!!

How do you get your chao's ball back to blue without spoiling it even more when it's still a baby its ball has been blue all its life in sonic adventure 2 battle?

If you want a chao's "ball" to be blue, which is neutral, it depends on what color it is now. If it's closer to red (dark blue, purple, etc.), pet it a lot as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles. If it's closer to white (light blue), pet it a lot as Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge. The chao will most likely deveop a liking towards the character you usually use to take care of it (you can tell if it really likes a character by whistling to it and seeing if it comes).

Where do you get pet pwany's on dragonfable?

TO get the a pwany you have to wait till chirmas and go to the speacil event and youll get a free pwany for sme one.

Does a level 20 pet mean you have to be level 20 on Dragonfable?

Yes. You must follow according to the levels of the weapon, armour, and pets.

Why does your pet get mad at you on dragonfable?

I don't want to spoil it for you, so visit Aria and click the glowing Red Hat, then you'll find out why.

How do you get a pet tog on dragonfable?

click travel then do doctor voltabolts challenge and get 15 scrap metal and battle core from the quest thedragon

Where can i buy a hamster ball in New jersey?

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