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Q: How do you get the quest from marla stinger to get in sunken city?
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Where is the entrance to sunken city in wizard101?

All u have to do is beat the first quest that marla stinger gives u then shell give u another quest to go in there but u either need a subcribsion or 750 crowns:(

How do you get to the underwater world on wizard101?

well it kinda depends. theres sunken city in night side in the commons and then theres waterworks, a level 60 dungeon and crab alley is where the rope in triton ave near that duncan guy and i think celestia is level 50. So What about crab ally?

How do you do the sunken city quest on Wizard101?

Sunken City is extremely hard for a low level or at least a beginner. If you are having a headache because you can't complete it (I did), then maybe you should buy some crowns and hire some henchmen (not those cheap worthless Minions) that'll do the job for you.

What does the Sunken City of Atlatick have to do with the Bermuda triangle?

if you mean the sunken city of Atlantis they say that atlantis may be in the Bermuda triangle

Witch ocean is named for a sunken city the Atlantic or pacific?

The Atlantic ocean is named after atlantas as in atlantis the sunken city!!!!!!!!!

What happens when you beat sunken city in wizard101?

well you get a pet and experience and at least 200-500 gold :) add me I'm Amy moonbeam! hopes this helps :)

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Where do you get the flippers in Legend of Zelda oracle of seasons?

Sunken City

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