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From the tool kit near the zombie.

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Q: How do you get the subway pass in poptropica zombie island?
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Is the subway pass in china town on poptropica zombeery island?

you have to go thru the sub

How do you get a second subway pass on poptropica?

how do you get in the trian at poptropica

How do you get on the train to get the phone on zomberry island?

you get a subway pass in the zombie builder's lunch box but you have to use the crane to move the builder to the upper level

Where do you get the light bulb in poptropica zomberry island?

use the subway pass you found in the construction worker's lunchbox to get through the subway door. then you will find the lightbulb.

How do you get the pass to go to an poptropica island that is not out?

You get a member ship and then you get a early island pass

How do you get pass the block on poptropica?

um on what island?

What do you do once you get captured on counterfeit island Poptropica Poptropica?

Pass the lie dedector test

How do you pass Poptropica Time-Tangled island?

you can only pass that island after you done it is really hard at the end when you need to kill the plants but that island is cool.

How do you pass Reality TV Island poptropica tv island poptropica?

You do the challenge, try to avoid getting voted off, and if you win the last challenge, you win the island.

How do you pass the second station in poptropica counterfeit island?

Check it out on youtube!

How do you pass the dogs on poptropica spy island?

Use the chamelon suit.

How do you pass big nate island in poptropica?

i dont know you tell me