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I'm sorry to say but you cannot get it back, b4 you deleted it, a message probably popped up and asked if you were sure you wanted to delete, once you delete your account, it is gone forever that is why it asks you if you are sure you want to delete your account.

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Q: How do you get your account back if its deleted wizard101?
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Wizard 101 how to bring back deleted characters?

The sooner you send a request to Mr Lincoln at, the better the chance you have of recovering your deleted character. Mr Lincoln will need to know: a) The Account name ( but NEVER EVER the password) b) Character Name c) Character Level d) When approximately the character was deleted. Email that information to

How do you get your deleted MySpace account back?

get myspace account back

How do you get deleted characters back from wizard101?

Just get wizard101's email and keep bothering and emailing them until they give you back your wizard. It has to come back or be un-erased within 30 days or your wizard is gone.

How do you get your weheartit account back if its deleted?

How can I make new account in weheartit ?!

How do you get into a deleted Facebook account?

how do you get back your deleted face book friends

How do you recover mail that dissapaered from your account?

If you deleted it then go to your trash can. But if you permently deleted it from your trash, then you can't get it back.

How can you delete your Bellasara account?

I have deleted my daughters account by emailing and writing please remove {account username} from your database. They emailed me back to confirm the deleted account. Hope this helps everyone!

Can you get a deleted toon back in toontown?

You can call the toontown crew and ask for your account back.

How can you get your old woozworld account back after you deleted it?

Make a new one.

How do you get a deleted quest back on Wizard 101?

Wizard101 is an online role playing game, played over the Internet. According to the instructions on the game, there is no way to delete a request, so you would not have to worry about getting a deleted request back again.

How do you get a deleted stardoll account back?

If your account was deleted on stardoll you can mail stardoll and tell them that your account was hacked/stolen. It might not have been, but tell them the username. They will mail you back asking for the e-mail. Give them the e-mail and tell them that someone hacked your account did all that bad stuff and it wasn'tyou and you just want your account back. You can find me on stardoll if you type in: skittle911 xoxo skittle911

How do you get your account from Google if it is deleted?

You can't. When it is deleted it is deleted forever.