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get eggman and throw the chao

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Q: How do you make a chao reancarnate faster on SAB2?
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How do you make a sonic chao in sab2?

The Chao has to be neutral and have speed as it's main stat.

Can you make a hero sonic chao in sadx if so how?

You can only make hero and dark chao in SAB2. Also Sonic chao are neutral so if you give your chao a lot of run animals you will get a Sonic chao.

How do you make chao age faster?

No you can not make a chao age faster

How do you get an egg chao in sonic adventure battle 2?

There is no "egg chao" in SAB2, but you can put eggs on an already born chaos. You chao has to be somewhat smart, and you have to be very persistent, but if you keep handing an eggshell or unhatched egg (murder!) to a chao, it will eventually figure out it can put it on it's head, which it will do itself. This effect is permanent and the egg cannot be switched out afterwards, so make sure the egg/eggshell given is a cool one!

How do you make your chao reincarnate faster in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

Leave yourself in the chao garden and go do something else

Fast way to make a chaos light chao in sab2?

Well, a fast way would be to get Action Replay, For cheat codes. But, If you don't want to cheat.. I suggest you follow traditional steps. 1. Care for the chao, but use a balance of good and evil characters. 2. Wait a while, to Reincarnate it twice. 3. Give it One of each kind of animal. No Chaos Drives! 4. You will soon have a Chaos Light Chao.

How do you make a mephiles the dark chao?

Either get a two tone grey chao and make him a shadow chao or a two tone blue or sky blue chao and make either of them a shadow chao or a two tone black chao.

How long does it take a Chao Egg to hatch in the tiny garden in Sonic for GBA?

Press A on the egg to make it hatch faster!

How do you make a gold chao?

you can't really make a gold chao unless it's ancestors were gold chao.

Can you make a chaos chao look like Sonic?

You can't make a Chaos Chao look like Sonic, but you can make a regular Chao look like him.

Can you make a chaos chao with a shiny normal chao?


Why does a purple Chao and a normal Chao make a lime green Chao?

It just the way the game goes.