How do you make a tails chao?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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to make a tails chao you must give a NUETRUEL chao 30 yellow chaos drives and

20 purple drives and 10 skeleton dogs with tails.then bring it's stamina level up to

12-57 with egg-man. finaly give it a last whole 20 green chaos drives with tails. then let it evolve. and it will have pink arms and a blue body. to change it you keep giving

it 35 chao fruits with tails and egg-man by turns and it will be yellow!

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Q: How do you make a tails chao?
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How do you make a tails and Amy chao on sonic adventure 2 battle without action replay?

The only way you can get a Tails Chao and an Amy Chao in SA2B without Action Replay is by via hacking.

How To Get A Hyper Tails Chao?

hatch a shiny orange chao, and give it purple chaos drives, and make it have phoenix wings. Do this until it looks like hyper tails

How you can get a tails chao in the dreamcast version of sonic adventure 2?

To get a Tails Chao in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2, you need to breed a Dark and a Normal Chao. Raise the Dark Chao with a character like Tails or Dr. Robotnik until it evolves into a Tails-like Chao. This process can take time and patience, but eventually, you'll have your Tails Chao!

How do you make e102 chao?

Making an E102 Chao is not possible. You can make a Chao resemble Sonic when its the Run type but that's the only character a Chao can resemble. There were 3 promotional chao that were available: A Tails one, a Knuckles one, and an Amy one.

How do you get the chao garden in sa2b?

find the chao key with tails.

What is the action replay code to get a lunar tails chao on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?

No. You need to make it yourself. Get a normal chao or a blue chao. Balance with both hero and dark characters to care for it. Give it only green chaos drives. When it evolves, it will look like sonic!

How do you get a tails chao in sonic adventure2 battle?

get a chao of any color hatch it give it lots of purple fly chao drives with tails until its fly is level 16 them evolve it at level 16 or 17 and it should look like tails

In sa2b how do you teach your chao to fly?

If your chao has fly over 100, place it somewhere high facing you, then use either knuckles or tails and fly, make sure that your chao sees it. If it watched you it should be able to fly.

In sa2b how do you access Chao World as Tails?

During a mission as Tails, get the chao key and keep it at the end of the level to go to Chao World, Or, Go to single mission mode [NOT story mode] and to the very left there is Chao World. Enter and choose your character from there; Tails' picture should be there, just go over to it and press A. Hope this helps!

What is the action replay code for a tails chao?

1RG0-3EEQ-97BMQ M8AD-3G6D-6CEUF DUG4-2M9F-TTRWY R5ZF-HH3V-RC0A7 Tails chao

What do you have to to make a tails chao in sonic adventures 2 battle?

I've said it once and I'll say it again you have to get an action replay.

Can dark chao and hero chao mate?

ok yes they can unless they are a chaos chao. they are incapeable of mating. as long as the chao is a REAL non imortal chao then they will mate (tails chao= cant mate knux chao= cant mate Amy chao=cant mate!) these are nearly inpossible if they are imortal