How do you map share cod MW2?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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They have to go on your account and download them onto their own console.

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Q: How do you map share cod MW2?
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What is the smallest map on CoD Mw2?


Who chooses the map in COD MW2 on live?

the computer.

How do you get MW2 map pack?

The stimulus Package and the Resurgence Pack are downloadable Map packs you must purchase to add to the COD MW2 Video Game.

What are the teddy bears in MW2?

It means one of the Mw2 map designers had a daughter that died of cancer and she was obsessed with teddy bears so the map desingers. It has been in the CoD from WaW to Mw2

How much will the new cod mw2 map pack cost on the PC?


Will there be map pack 4 cod 5?

why yes there is 2 map packs on mw2 and 3 map packs at WaW

What is the best sub machine gun map on cod mw2?

UMP45 w/silencer - Terminal

Can you share map packs in MW2?

You can only share on the same console or if you have a portable memory unit, you can take the maps with you.

Do they have COD MW2 for Playstation 2?

No, there will never be COD MW2 for PS2. Only for PS3, XBOX360 and a PC.

When are the map packs being released for MW2?

March 30th is the first map pack consuming of 3 new maps and 2 flashback maps from CoD 4

When is new cod mw2 map coming out?

I heard that the new map pack will be out in the spring of 2010, followed by another map pack sometime in late summer/early fall. Hope this helps!

Does shepherd survive in cod mw2?