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Q: How do you migrate Pokemon without gba game?
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When you migrate Pokemon from your gba game to Pokemon Platinum do you still have those same Pokemon in your gba game?


How do you get chikorita in Pokemon platinum without using heartgold or soulsilver?

You migrate it from your GBA game.

Is there a way to catch Magnemite without a swarm?

yes. migrate from a gba game. (magnemite is in all gba Pokemon games)

How do you migrate Pokemon from gba games?

you have 2 go 2 pal park then migrate your Pokemon from any gba game

Where do you get teddyursa on Pokemon diamond without Pokemon emerald?

You could migrate it from another GBA game, but otherwise it is impossible without the Emerald Cartridge.

Is it possible to trade Pokemon on one ds with a normal game and a GBA game?

You can migrate GBA Pokemon to a DS Pokemon game but you can't trade using the GBA game trying to trade with another GBA game.

Can you migrate Pokemon back to the GBA game?

No, only from GBA to D/P.

How do you migrate Pokemon on vba and nogba?

you mean gba, first you put the gba game in the gba slot of your ds (make sure the Pokemon you want to migrate are in PC boxes) and go to the title screen of the ds game, select migrate from.. ( it will say the name of the version that your gba Pokemon game is ) then select the Pokemon ( you can only migrate six ) go to route 221 and capture the Pokemon. note: you have to have beaten the Pokemon league to do this.

Can you trade Pokemon between a gba game and a ds game?

no but you can migrate Pokemon from gba to any Pokemon ds game(not sure in black in white)

How do you get Deoxys in pokemon platnuim?

migrate from gba game

Is charzard in Pokemon Pearl?

No! >:( You have to migrate it from a game that has it (GBA)

Pokemon dimand how to get mudkip?

Migrate it from your GBA game.