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Have you got an r4 card or something like that? because sometimes it works on one ds but not another like it didn't work on my dsi but it works fine on my ds oh and be carefull to save alot because the cutscenes freeze alot and you might have to skip them and look at what it said on YouTube like i did.

hope this helps you x

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Q: How do you patch Zelda spirit tracks so you wont get stuck on the first train ride?
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How come on Zelda Spirit Tracks you get stuck on your first train ride?

you are probably using a ROM correct. if so you have to patch the ROM to get rid of the anti piracy check

Is there a patch for The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks?

patches are usually for online games Zelda is not an online game so no.

Zelda spirit tracks train whistle doesnt show help?

Sounds like you're playing a ROM hack, in which case they're patchy and unreliable and sometimes miss out important aspects of gameplay like, oh say, THE WHISTLE. You can sort this out by either buying the actual game like is legal, or by using a newer patch of the ROM, which is more likely to have fixed any missing whistles or other parts of gameplay that you can't survive without.

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