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You complete the forest temple and Saria will get reawaken and she will give you the Forest Medalion.

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Q: How do you save Syria on Legend of Zelda and the ocarina of time?
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Does the legend of zelda ocarina of time save at the end?


What happens at the end of Legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

Link save Hyrule.

Does The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time save to the cartridge?

Yes all game data will be saved to the Cartridge.

How do you save during a dungeon in legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

Press start and select at the same time to go to the save screen.

Why in the Legend of Zelda ocarina of time do you start back in your house?

after you save as a kid, when you load the save file you go to your house, as a adult you go to the temple of time, unless if you are in a temple then you load in the begining of the temple

How do you save on The Legend Of Zelda the ocarina of time for N64?

You pause the game, so you reach the box menu [Where you equip, ect]. (I believe by hitting 'start'). Then you hit side to reach the green panel, and from there you are given the option to save.

Can you save in the Legend of Zelda a link to the past?

Yes press select and choose save.

What is the best Legend of Zelda game?

Wokori: I like Twilight Princess because it has nice drawings and storylines.*End of Wokori's answer. Please don't change it.*I am not Wokori. Please do not change the answer above!10. Minish Cap9. Twilight Princess8. Link's Awakening7. Adventure of Link6. Skyward Sword5. Majora's Mask4. Wind Waker3. A Link to the Past2. Original Legend of Zelda1. Ocarina of Time

How many save files does The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks have?


How do you save on The Legend Of Zelda Majora's Mask for GameCube?

Either play the Song of Time (which you learn after getting your ocarina back from Skull Kid) or find an owl statue (wich are activated by slashing it with youre sword). It's the same as on the N64

How do you get the shadow tunic in the legend of Zelda ocarina of time 3d?

You Need to complete the game once, and then make a new save file and it will say second playthrough. this version has the new hero clothes (invisible tunic)

How do you save legend of Zelda spirit tracks after defeating the final boss?

You can't