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they updated moviestarplanet a few weeks ago so all u have to do is click on your friends and underneath my friends it should say how many vip friends u have and also how many friends u can have you can become jury and other stuff and earn extra fame hope this answers your question add me kevin martinez level 7 yay!!

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Q: How do you see how many vip friends you have on moviestar planet?
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on the top corner you will see new user you press on it then u make any star

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get a friend to go on n see if someone is on your file if is find out what there email is then post bad stuff about them on Face book

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How do you check how many friends you have on Movie Star Planet?

up you see how much money u have and im going to say this in 2 same ways so u can understand .1: you look before ur money .2: look to the left of ur money and u can see how much friends u have and click it and it shows u all your friends . there u go tell me if it works

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your rhight ,movie star planet isent boring you try it you will see its amazing!

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