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You have to skate across the ice and smash into him so he slides off the ice.

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Q: How do you take jack frost off the ice on runescape?
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How do you get jack frost off the ice in RuneScape?

To get jack Frost off of the ice, you have to walk near the edge of it. Then, without standing on the ice yet, become parallel to him. Then click on the ice- and your character will slip and slide, and run into him.

How do i beat jak in RuneScape?

To beat jack on runescape, you need to slide on the ice and bump into him.

Ice cream flavors starts with j?

Jack Mountain, Jack Frost!

How do you get Jack Frost off of the ice in his hideout in RuneScape?

Line your character up with him, and click on the ice. Your character will slide into him and he will fall. Then, the Queen of Snow will appear where you will continue with the event.Note: This question is about the Christmas event of 2008 and you can no longer complete this event.

How does Jack frost get around?

Jack frost gets around by eather walking or he slides on his ice

What is Jack Frost's favorite color?

Jack Frost is a fictional character. He is known as turning things to ice. So perhaps white or light blue.

What is Jack Frost's favorite color?

Jack Frost is commonly associated with the colors white and light blue, representing snow and ice. He may not have a specific favorite color, but these are often used to symbolize him in folklore and popular culture.

What is Frost's favorite color?

Jack Frost is a fictional character. He is known as turning things to ice. So perhaps white or light blue.

How do you beat Prince Jack in Runescape?

go head to head to him(dont stand on ice) stand in front of ice then run then he falls.

How do you do Christmas event on runescape?

first you have to find the "elder snow imp" (you can quickly locate him by looking on the map for a present symbol) after you talk to him wear the necklace thing he gives you. then walk away from him until you are in a plain old plain of grass. then right click on the necklace on the spot that shows all your equiped items. when that happens a snow imp will appear behind you. walk around and constantly check with your imp. the colder you are the closer you are to jack frost (most people think its the other way around) once you find jack frost talk to him. you will then teleport to a ice world. then you have to slide into him via the ice. after that you can sit back and listen to jack frost, the ice queen (his mother). and good ole father christmas/santa clause/saint nick (his father) once you complete the quest talk to your imp again and you can hear the history of jack frost.

Is Jack Frost married?

Jack Frost is a fictional character living on the comic strip level and I don"t think he has any family. It is a personification of the Frost and Ice hazard. Do not confuse with humanized wind-clouds such as Aeolus, the Greek (King of the Winds) the Icy mustache is common to both characters. Jack Frost is also a consumer product of the sugar and beverage variety. It used to be advertised on TV and was NOt confined to the Yule season.

On rune scape where is jack frost?

It varies for each player, he can be by dranyor or by fally or by varrock ge or by the stone circle or ice mountian. It varies.