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You need the "action Replay" card for d.s.

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Q: How do you type cheats for harvest moon ds cute?
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Where can you find an Action Replay code for unlocking all the harvest sprites for Harvest Moon DS Cute?

you can find an action replay code at code junkies or :type "action replay codes for harvest moon ds cute

Harvest moon sprite cheats?

If you type onto Google then you can print out all of the sprites and where you find them. I've got 40 so far.

How do you use cheats in harvest moon island of happiness?

You will need a certain DS 'cheat' card called Action Replay. You type in the code there, and then it works.

Who likes what on harvest moon fomt?

okay well i can`t type it all so go to exacaly. need more help? go to --------------harvest moon helper oscar71298

How do you get the full bloom note in harvest moon magical melody?

you have to ship every type of flower and herb

How do you make butter in harvest moon tale of two towns?

By using mixer and milk of any type

Can you name the dating type of psp games?

Persona 3 and a couple harvest moon nothing else

How do I view the harvest sprite recipes on Harvest moon tot?

hold down the c button on your nunchuck and scroll up or down till you get to a chest type thing

How do you get 8 hearts in harvest moon?

If your trying to get someone's hearts up you should give them what they love or like, or give them something really good on their birthday. Keep doing and you will get hearts up in no time! Be sure to talk to them everyday. Here is a good website for more info: just find the harvest moon game you are playing and click it. If the harvest moon game is not there search ushi no tane and type the harvest moon game you want you should find it. Hope I helped!

What do the girls like in harvest moon?

In Harvest Moon DS you should go to then use control+f then type in marriage and then click next until you get to the marriage section.(For mac use command+f)

Where can you see how many affection points gray has with me in harvest moon ds cute?

you can call saibara's to see him, or you can get the game harvest moon: more friends from mineral town. plug it in your ds's gameboy slot, then put in your harvest moon ds game inthe other slot. power it up, and every Thursday he'll come (go on Google and type in the search engine ushi no tane x6 - it tells you everything!!)

Where is the ranch in harvestmoon cute?

the whole valley is exactly the same except you are a girl and if you don't want to get married you can make a best friend instead out of any of the specail girls if you need more help then type into google harvest moon help and scroll down to where it says ushi no tane x6