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You can get brown Kirby by defeating drag race 2 with the wing star under 29 seconds

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If you are talking about the Nintendo game boy version: "Kirby in Dream Land" then you cannot unlock him

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Q: How do you unlock brown Kirby in Kirby air ride?
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How do you unlock purple Kirby in Kirby air ride on GameCube?

KO a kirby 5 times while on their air ride machines in city trail

How do you unlock the waddle dee in Kirby air ride?

Waddle Dee is not an unlockable character in Kirby Air Ride instead they appear as stage obstacles.

In Kirby air ride how do you get brown Kirby in air ride mode?

On Sky Sands get a lap time under 1'05'00 with Bulk Star.

Will there be a Kirby air ride?

there is a kirby air ride

Who is galalax from Kirby air ride?

There is no galalax in Kirby Air Ride.

When did Kirby Air Ride happen?

Kirby Air Ride happened in 2003.

How do you unlock dragoon in Kirby air ride?

Kill all the CPUs in citytrial in under one min

On Kirby Air Ride how do you unlock the Nebula Belt track for AirRide?

Play 100 vs. races.

How do you get green Kirby in city trial in Kirby air ride?

In city trial you go to Mexico and get swine flu then ull unlock it

When was Kirby Air Ride created?

Kirby Air Ride was created on 2003-06-09.

How do you get purple boxes in city trial in Kirby Air Ride?

If you unlock certain things, it will reward you with a purple square.

How do you unlock air glider in Kirby air ride?

Air Glider is one of the random Stadium minigames that can appear at the end of City Trial mode.