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You have to wait for the creature to evolve into the tribal stage. Monoliths don't work on creatures, just tribes and civilizations.

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Q: How do you uplift a creature in space stage to a tribe?
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In spore how can you be a night in space stage?

In order to be a KNIGHT, I recomend starting at the creature stage. Your Evolutionary Diagram should have 2 "red" stages (where you fight your way to the top) and 1 "blue" stage (where you fight AND cooperate). My technique from creature to civ stage: Predator (red), Aggresive (red), Economic (blue). You can make your tribe Industrious and your civilization Military if you wish, or you can start as a Adaptable omnivore and fight your way up from tribe to civ.

On Spore how do you use your pre-created creatures on creature stage?

--Get past cell stage? --But at me i cant lock up creature stage and im on SPACE STAGE on another planet.I think he/she asks about that.

How is the spore formed?

It Was Formed In Stages:Cell,Creature,Tribe,Civalisation, And Space.

What is the spore?

a game from EA with five stages ofevolution. cell,creature,tribe,civ,and space.

What is the game spore?

a game from EA with five stages ofevolution. cell,creature,tribe,civ,and space.

How do you speed up the evolution of a creature becoming a tribe in the space stage of spore?

Ha Ha, I had this trouble when I first got Spore aswell. It turns out, all that is needed is to use the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON. It's weird, because in creature, civi AND space stage, you use the left button. I hope I helped! My user for Spore is Rachel57

Where can you find the human nation in spore?

You can only find it if you find a space faring empire of human-like creatures that someone created, or you uplift a tribe/civilization/creature planet. Other than that, the only way to find one is to create a save game of human-like creatures. Hope this helps :)

Can you go underwater in spore for the tribe stage?

Sorry, you can't. except if your tribe is glitched

What is the name of the creature that Jake has to capture and ride to get the respect of the tribe in Avatar?

Its called a "Toruk"

How do you get to use vehicles in spore?

Beat tribe stage and get to civilization stage.After the intro, design your city and in the city planner,on top there are icons.Click on the one that looks like a car.Then the vehicle creators are on the bottom.Click on select,create,( or modify if you have a vehicle already).You still need to unlock sea and air and Space.

What is legend of the wendigo?

Varies from tribe to tribe, some say it's an ice monster, but all say its a cannibalistic creature that eats human flesh

Is wamma flame guard a girl in chaotic?

Yes, Wamma Flameguard is a female creature in the Chaotic trading card game and TV series. She is a Chaotic creature affiliated with the Overworld tribe.