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its gone

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Q: How do you you get to Halloween area on AQWorlds?
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Where do you get the Pumpkin King sword in AQWorlds?

It is a holiday rare. The area, Mogloween (/join mogloween) is only accessible in the weeks leading up to Halloween.

How do you get to darkovia in AQWorlds?

This is no pacific map called 'darkovia'. Darkovia is a name of an area of places in AQWorlds.

What is best area for non members in aqworlds?


How do you get to the thanksgiven area in AQWorlds?

Type /join harvest

Where do you find the Pumpkin Sword in aq worlds?

The Pumpkin Sword isn't found, you have to be on AQWorlds for the Halloween (Mogloween in AQWorlds) event. You must be a member to kill the pumpkin that drops the pumpkin stuff. (The pumpkin drops Pumpkin Sword, PumpkinLord, etc.)

Is miltonius a member only area on aqworlds?

Tercessuiotlim (miltonius'/nulgath's area) is not member only

How do you get to mogloween on AQWorlds?

Mogloween is only accessible in the weeks around Halloween. You can get there by either pressing the button in Battleon or typing /join Mogloween in the chat bar.

What are the skeleton armors in AQWorlds?

every skeleton armor that I can think of is either in shadowfall shops or cant be gotten anymore. more are soon to come on halloween.

How do you unlock King Coals Area in AQWorlds?

You need to complete Nythera's quests in the iceland.

How Do You Go to a different area on AQWorlds?

There are many different ways to go to a different area on AQWorlds. First, if you know the code for the area, you can type /join <area name> in the chat bar. If you type /join <area> - (#), then you will be able to access the room that you want in the area if it's not already full. Also, you can navigate using the map which is the World icon on the bottom right.

Are there any Halloween stores in my area?

Thumbing through the phone book in your area, you may find Halloween specialty stores. However, some are only open during the Halloween season. At times, these stores are difficult to locate. A trip to will help you to find the specialty shops in your area.

Can you be invincible in AQWorlds?

No, you can not be invincible in AQWorlds.