How does darkus leonidas evolve?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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Darkus Leonidas evolves after you beat the Bakuguan Master Cup tournament.

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Q: How does darkus leonidas evolve?
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The darkus Bakugan in Bakugan for wii?

The Darkus Bakugan on the game is called Leonidas.

What attribute is the Bakugan Leonidas in the vidogame?

Leonidas is the bakugan attribute that you pick at the beginning of the game. When He evolves he keeps the same attribute just like all of the other bakugan do. If you want him to be awesome pick either Haos or Darkus for his attribute.

Can Omega Leonidas evolve?

yes Leonidas can

What are the top ten best darkus bakugan?

no its Leonidas because at the end of the game he beats vladitor

How do you make Leonidas evolve into Battle Leonidas?

You have to beat the haos tournament.

Is my team good in bakugan battle brawlers?

It is Darkus Leonidas, Darkus Centipoid, and Darkus Stinglash. My cards are Centipoid,Dusk,Mega Warrior,Scratch Battle Redo, Prevention, and G-Power Boost. I'm in the Pyrus Tournament. Do you think I should change my team?

How do you defeat battle ax vladitor with darkus omega Leonidas?

throw your bakugan and get the g-power ups and land on your omega leonidas card and dont use all your abilitys up on this battle

How do you evolve omega leonidas?

To evole Leonidas into Omega Leonidas you must beat every single tournament. When you complete it, Leonidas evolves for the final battle against Marduk.

How do you evolve leonidas?

after beating marduk in the masters tournament

How do you get omega leonidas to evolve?

Omega leonidas does not evolve however if you mean how to get normal darkness leonidas to evolve you must first beat the ultimate battle tournament and after that you will watch a film clip and will be takin to a different world and will verse Vladitor (evolved Vladitor) and when you win leonidas will leave you and then you watch the film clip and he will come back and that's it and then you get out there and kick but I hope this has helped

What is the evolved form of a bakugan called Omega Leonidas?

Omega Leonidas is the final form which makes it impossible to evolve. Fanfic evolution Alpha Leonidas LOL

Are all darkus bakugan evil?

No. What about darkus percival and i have a darkus wavern