How does the data get put on a hardrive?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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if I'm right about this, hard drives work on magnetism. there is loads of magnets on a 'disk' in the hard drive box. the data gets put on the hard drive by magnetising the magnets(so that's why you can't go near them with magnets, it will simply wipe your drive). it's probably done by the binary code or something similar with two possible outcomes as magnets only have two polarities. it is then read by some sort of reader. if you've seen one when it's working (took apart) a disk spins and a little lever thing moves around quickly on it.

hope that helps, i doubt it though

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Q: How does the data get put on a hardrive?
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Can you take saved data off an Xbox to a portable hardrive?

yes you can but as long as the portable and the hardrive have enough space

Can you put a password on a hardrive?

no sorry

Can you put an xbox360 20gb hardrive into the new 360 s?


Is it possible to hook up a hardrive to an xbox 360 kinect?

Yes. I am a 12 year old girl with an X-box 360 Kinect. All i do is get the hardrive and attach it the the outlet used for charging controllers. Do not unattach it. You can use it to save data on different games. When you save all you have to do is click on the hardrive instead of the other data holder.

What is the most recent standard in storage technology?

if you mean as in data storage it would be either a 7200 rpm 1 terrabit hardrive or a 10000 rpm 300 gigibit hardrive

Can you put a Xbox 360 hardrive into a Xbox 360 elite?

Yes you can.

Can you put hardware from a regular xbox360 into the xbox360 Kinect?

no you can't because the hardrive in the xbox kinect is installed inside it and cannot be taken out or removed, therefore you can't put in an additional hardrive in the xbox kinect

How many bytes of data are found on a 400 megabyte hardrive?

419 430 400 bytes

I have an external hardrive and i wanted to put all my files and programs on to it will i be able to just copy over the program files into the hardrive an run the programs from there?


If you add and harddrive to your Xbox 360 will you be able to play Xbox games on it?

no the hardrive you plug into your xbox 360 can only be used to play music, films and pictures from the hardrive on your xbox 360 you can not play any games nor store any xbox 360 data on the hardrive.

How do you keep your call of duty to quit saying the data is corrupted?

On playstaion you must format the hole hardrive. But be careful it gets rid of all your data

Can you put a regular hardrive in a Xbox 360 arcade?

yes you can put an xbox 360 harddrive into an arcade 360