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When you go to the Pet Store after your female and male hamster are partners and have played for a little bit a Bell, the shop owner, will tell you that your hamster is pregnant an in a week or 10 days your hamster will have a bab y and it WILL tell you. that and your hamsterz will get along perfectly when you hamster 9is pregnant or at least that is what the game and the manual say.

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Q: How long does it take for your hamster to reach the age of 21 in the Nintendo game hamsterz 2?
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In the game Hamsterz 2 your hamster is pregnant and you are on the 10th day and still no baby?

That means that your hamster is a different breed and needs to be pregnant.

What is the difference between Petz Hamsterz Life 2 and Petz Hamsterz 2?

Information about these games is scarce, but the way I understand it the first game in the series was Hamsterz Life for the Nintendo DS. Then for some strange reason they made the sequel and called it Petz: Hamsterz Life 2 for the Gameboy Advance (which seems like a step backward). Then they decided to make a third game in the series, but they called it Petz: Hamsterz 2, because it was only the second game on the DS. A review of the most recent game can be found here...

How do you tell if your hamsterz is in brith petz hamsterz life 2?

1. The hamsters have to be owned for AT LEAST 21 days 2 .Go to the pet shop manager and chat with him/her 3. If he DOESN'T say your hamster is pregnant, save the game and change the date (to whatever you want) 4. Go back to the manager and if he says "Your hamster is pregnant" then he will say the expected day of arrival :) 5. If you don't want to wait for a long time then save the game, go to settings, and change the date to ________ days later 6. Go back to the game and the hamster should have had it's baby :) (: GOOD LUCK :)

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Yes there is.. Petz hamsterz, petz dogz pack. Petz catz pack, and so much more... Just google it. But the petz packs you can breed the animals Hope this has helped

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Go on new game and then it asks if you want to delete game, press yes. Then go onto new game again

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I had this game for 4 years and there is no hat day! (Not to be rude or anything)

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In Hamsterz 2 for the DS, you can have multiple hamsters in the same cage, but they must be compatible. It's essential to monitor their interactions to ensure they get along and don't fight. If they don't, you may need to separate them into different cages.

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