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This is an innapropiate question. Does this matter? If you want to find the answer out, e-mail Jagex.

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Q: How many Japanese people are on runescape?
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What does 'RuneScape' translate to in Japanese?

'Runescape' is??????? (ruunskeepu) in Japanese.

How many people played RuneScape in 2010?

3.5 million people played RuneScape in 2010.

How many people quit RuneScape a day?

your mom quit runescape a day

How many players have registered on RuneScape?

There is about an average of 5 people joining runescape a second.

How many Americans people are on runescape?

about 20000000

Can anyone that has quit runescape give you their account?

It is against the rules in Runescape,But many people do it anyway.

How many people out of ten played RuneScape and liked it?

That's hard to find out because over millions of people have played Runescape.

What do people use to eat many of Japanese meals?

The Japanese and other people use chopsticks for many of Japanese meals.

How Many people have played runescape since it started?


Why is RuneScape cool?

because so many people play it

Does it matter how many people are at a fishing spot in runescape?

Not at all.

How many Japanese people are there in America?

There are about 60,000 Japanese people in North America.