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Q: How many obsidian in a nether portal?
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What blocks do you use to make a nether portal on minecraft?

A portal to the Nether requires ten Obsidian blocks (eco version) or fourteen Obsidian blocks for the full version.

How do you get to the nether in mine craft?

You build a portal out of 14 obsidian

What really is the Minecraft USB nether portal?

A Nether portal is an obsidian structure that can transport players to or from the Nether dimension. USB doesn't come into it anywhere. The 'Minecraft USB nether portal' is just a YouTube fake.

How to get to the nether in Minecraft?

The get to the Nether in minecraft, you need at least 10 obsidian and a flint and steel. You need to make a Nether Portal, a 4x5 portal, and set it alight with the flint and steel.

How do you get on the Netherlands on creative mode in minecraft?

What the heck are the Netherlands? If you mean the Nether, then you get there through a Nether Portal. Plus you don't have to be in creative.

How do you craft a portal to the nether on minecraft?

Make a 4x5 obsidian frame, and set the middle of it on fire.

How much obsidian does it take to make the nether portal in minecraft?

You will need 14obsidian if you are going to place obsidian on the corners of the portal, but if you fill in the corner of the portal with other blocks, then you will only need 10.

How do you make a Nether portal without a diamond pickaxe in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you can't because you need Obsidian and in order to get that, you need a diamond pickaxe to mine the Obsidian.

How do you you mine obsidian and how do you make a nether portal in minecraft?

Obsidian is found in really deep creeper caves with magma and water. Magma + Water = Obsidian You need a 3x5 rectangle of obsidian and light it with flint and stone.

How do you get back to the village if the nether teleport is destroyed on minecraft?

Get a ghast to shoot it's fireball into the nether portal and if the portal is gone and you have no obsidian you are stuck and must make a new world, thats why you should always make a backup

How do you make the Nether portal in Minecraft?

Get 12 obsidian and make a rectangle out if it and make sure you have flint & steel and get your flint & steel and tap your flint & steel on the portal.

What can you make out of obsidian stone in mine craft?

You can make a Nether Portal. Put the Obsidian in a 4x6 vertically with a 2x3 hole in it. Using Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge, right click on the bottom Obsidian.