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Quite a few. You don't HAVE to, it just adds features once you play the regular game after a while.

I only have a couple of mods, just to make it a little easier to build stuff or get to places as I don't get a lot of time to play. It was probably a year of playing without mods before we decided to experiment.

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Q: How many people use mod for minecraft?
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What mod is compatible to minecraft comes alive mod?

Use minecraft forge or modloader so that the mods are compatible.

Do you need modloader to run optimine mod for minecraft?

No. I use that mod and I don't have mod loader.

What do you do when you can't gather diamond in minecraft?

You can either your invedit a mod or you could use an in game mod called too many items

How do you use cheats on minecraft?

you download the mod/cheat you want then you look for a mod spotlight on youtube to see how to use it

What mod do you use to find a castle in minecraft?

You could build it or use Tale of Kingdoms or Castle Defenders mod

Where do you find a shark on minecraft?

there are no sharks in minecraft, you use the mo's creatures mod. I dont use this mod so I dont really know, I thinks it lives in icy water

Do you need a mod to make the minecraft tardis work?

I am unsure if a mod like this exists, but if it does then yes, you will need to use this mod.

Can you use the clay soldiers mod for 1.0.0 in minecraft?

yes there is.

How do you mod the iPod Minecraft?

Sorry, but if you are talking about Minecraft Pocket Edition than you can use mods.

Can you use the TooManyItems mod for Minecraft with the Nodus client?

No, you can't. But however, you can run the "Too Many item's" mod at a separate rate, as well as the Client, but not at the same time.

How do you use a mod in Minecraft?

Every mod is different, so you need to look up the specific mod and read about how to use it's particular feature that it adds to the game

Can you download a mod even if you downloaded minecraft?

You NEED to have downloaded minecraft to use mods. There are hundreds of mod installation tutorials for all of the most popular mods on YouTube!