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£3.50 a month

$5.95 a month (Standard American Currency)

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7.50$ USD But you can also buy an ingame item called a Bond for 6 mil which can be traded in for 12 days of rs membership

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Q: How much does RuneScape memberships cost?
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Are there free member items on game scape?

Do you mean RuneScape? If you mean RuneScape, the only way you can get member's items are if you get a membership. Memberships cost $5.95 a month.

How much is the membership?

Runescape Memberships start at $5.95 USD per month at the cheapest, though certain options can cost up to $7.95 and maybe even a little bit more.

Do you have memberships available?

Go to the Runescape website and sign up.

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What are some games that have free memberships?

Runescape Club Penguin I could go on for ages

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How much does a Christmas cracker on runescape cost?

725m 725m

How much does flex on RuneScape cost?

around 100 gp

How much does the makeover mage cost in runescape?

Around 2k

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How much do you have to pay for clone wars adventures?

its free, but memberships and station cash cost real money to buy