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Iron ore can be bought from the Grand Exchange located in Varrock in RuneScape and the up-to-date price can also be viewed on the Grand Exchange. At the time this answer was written, iron ore costed 193 gold coins. Iron ore reached its highest price of 400 coins and tends to increase in value periodically because of merching clans trying to make a profit off of the ore.

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The only decent way to find out, is to go Grand Exchange.

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As of August 12th, 2010, Coal sells on the Grand Exchange for 287gp.

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Coal ore is currently worth between 213-237. Check the grand exchange for any price fluctuations.

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Q: How much does coal sell for on runescape?
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When to sell coal in runescape?

anytime when you have suffusion coals.

How much exp do you get for mining coal in runescape?

30 each

How much exp does coal give you in runescape?

You get 50 mining experience for every coal you mine.

Were to mine coal in RuneScape?

Barbarian Village because its close to Grand Exchange so you can sell it easily.

How much coal do you need to sell in runescape to make 1 mil if you sell at 170?

Simple use a calculator, all pc's have one:Calculate: 1,000,000 (divided by) 170 = 5883 ( the actual answer is 5882.3, but just to be on the safe side )

What level do you need to mine coal in RuneScape?

You need level 30 mining to mine Coal in Runescape.

Can you sell your house on RuneScape?

no you can not sell your house on runescape.

How much is your runescape account worth with a total level of 1416?

It is against the rules to buy or sell RuneScape accounts.

How can a f2p earn money in RuneScape?

The bestest ways are to kill hill giants or to mine coal ( if you have the mining level ) then sell them at the Grand Exchange.

What are good ways to get money on runescape?

just keep on mining coal or iron ore and bank it when you have at least 150 sell for 30 - 60k

How much can you sell Chaos runes for on Runescape?

lol about 300 coins

How much do 1000 magic logs sell for in runescape?

Roughly 1.3million