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runescape...... don't do it... it seriously messes you up.... im 14 and i have been hooked on it since 2007. i had such a nice life. and beautiful girlfriend. i was the fastest pitcher in Baseball. until i stopped playing for major league so i had more time to play. my girlfriend dumped me because i was more into Video Games than her. and it was retarded. i played on runescape for about 14 to 16 hours on weekends. then. i asked a question that i desperatley needed. i found this guy typing about how runescape ruined him... and i thought to myself at age 10.. "that would never happen to me. its impossible" then... i was hooked. its a drug. and you've gottta stop it. so i went out for a walk. late at night. i was planning on going home. in my room. lights off. on runescape. and on music. then i thought... "screw it." i walked home. got on runescape and dropped everything i had. 5million gold points gone... my heart was racing. then. i took a breath. and let it flow right by me. im 14 now. im in major leagues again. ive got the best friends a kid can ask for. and a beautiful girl of my dreams. i hate runescape and im encouraging other people to quit while they still can. now please. do yourself a favor. quit runescape. think to yourself while playing.. "do i need it this badly to blow my whole life away? would i rather live with my mother and not be the smart person i am and can be?" think to yourself. and youll find the right answer :) so please. quit. and if you cant. don't play so long! if your like the gamer i WAS playing 12 to 16 hours a day. try going for 2 hours. but please. quit. its way better.

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Q: How much prayer xp is need from lvl 37 to 43?
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Is it possible to do monkey madness without 37 prayer?

yes, ive seen lvl 30s with 1 pray been done, you just need to run fast and havea friend with you to give you food.

What lvl does meditie evolve?

lvl 37 :)

On Runescape what protects you from magic?

There is something called a "Protect from Magic" Prayer. But you need a prayer level of 37.

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Lvl 37

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I haven't played it, but I'd say 4 the 8th gym leader your gonna need lvl 40s or possibly lvl 50s lvl 30s are just too weak.

What lvl does pigeotto evolve if you catch it at lvl 37?

lvl it up one more time it should evolve because it normally evolves at lvl 36

What lvl does servine evolve?

i think in evolves at lvl 36 or 37 but i dont know for shure

What level does tirtrouga evolve?

*tirtouga and lvl 37

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lvl 37

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I'm not sure i think it is lvl 36 or lvl 37.

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