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Q: How much space does the average person take up?
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How much space does the average giraffe take up?


Does an average copy fax machine take up a lot of space?

An average size fax machine will take up as much space as an average size printer. It will all depend on the number of bells and whistles you want in your fax machine.

What is the area that an average person takes up while standing?

It is estimated that the average person will take up about 2 square feet of floor space while standing. This varies somewhat depending on the size of the person.

How much file space do movies take up on your ipod?

The average movie takes up about almost 1 GB of space on an iPod.

How much space do car subwoofers take up?

Subwoofer size varies depending on how much power they have and how they are designed. However, normally-sized subwoofers take up about 1 square foot of space, on average.

How much does the average person pay for taxes every month?

They take about $2k from me, and I hate it.

How much does the average person know about sex?

there is a sex quiz on "tickle tests". take it. Judging from some of the questions on this site, not much.

How much space does mercury take up in space?


How much mescaline does an average person need to take?

400 mgs because 500 is the warning dose of it so i would take 400 to 450

Does a bicycle take a lot of space?

Depends on what you think "a lot" is. A bike will need more space than a person but less than a car. Just take a look at a parked bike someplace and you'll see roughly how much.

How much water does it take to brush your teeth?

The amount of water it takes to brush teeth can depend on the person. The average person probably uses about a cup of water.

How much space does a tv show take up on an ipod?

they don't take any space up