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If you have one dog, no it won't. But if you have two dogs, one of them may run away. It's never happened to me before, even after I left it alone for three months, but its possible.

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Q: If you dont feed your dogs on Nintendogs will they leave?
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Why do dogs runaway on Nintendogs?

dog run away because you dont feed them you dont give them baths or dont let them drink

Can you win in Nintendogs?

No. All you have to do is feed your pet get trophies take it for walks all the things you do on nintendogs. an I recommend not to many dogs or it might turn to OVERKILL!!!!!!!

What is Nintendogs?

nintendogs is a video game for ds and stuff where you take care of dogs that you adopt you can walk them, feed them, play with them, enter them in contests, and lots of other stuff!

In Nintendogs how does your dog die?

As far as i know your dogs cannot die, they only run away if you don't feed them.

Can you feed Nintendogs water to make them breed?

No, Nintendogs can never breed or have puppies.

How long do nintendogs sleep On nintendogs?

Nintendogs don't die if you don't feed them, they will last until you put the chip in again and feed them.

How do you get more trainer points on Nintendogs dalmatian?

Play tournaments, walk, bath, brush, pet, teach tricks, spend time with your dogs, feed them and give them water.

How can you get trainer points on Nintendogs?

feed them walk them groom them.....

Can Nintendogs be loyal to you?

Yes, of course, if you feed them daily.

How do you get points on Nintendogs plus cats Golden Retriever and New Friends?

on nintendogs all you do is feed,and care for your dog.

How do you brred Nintendogs?

you need 2 dogs 1male 1female only feed them dry food and milk and in a week your female nintendog will turn fat then after a week she will have a baby but you need a space for him/her you need to feed them aswell but only milk i have done this to all of my dogs because it dos not spend money.

Can you feed your dog a V8?

Yes, dogs love V8. They also love grapes. Dont feed them grapes though. They will die.