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machamp and haunter are the only ones

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Q: In Pokemon Yellow which 4 Pokemon only evolve through trade?
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When does a kadabra evolve on Pokemon Yellow?

You'll have to trade your Kadabra in order for it to evolve.

How do you evolve poliwhirl in Pokemon Yellow?

Trade with water stone

What level does haunter evolve on Pokemon Yellow?

no level you have to trade dude

If you trade haunter from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon Crystal will it evolve into Gengar?

Yes, but if it learns and moves that do not happen to be in yellow version, then you cannot trade it back. Kadabra, Graveler, and Machoke can also be traded to evolve.

Where do you trade for Gengar In Pokemon Yellow?

You have to trade with a friend at a pokemon center. I suggest trading kadabra for hunter. They will both evolve.

What Pokemon that evolve by trade?

gravel evolves to golem through trade

How do you catch every Pokemon in red blue yellow?

you cant catch every single Pokemon in one game. you need to trade to get certain Pokemon. you wont find a meowth in red, so to get one, you trade someone with blue. and certain Pokemon evolve through trade like haunter or graveler.

When does picachu evolve in Pokemon Yellow?

It can't evolve unless you trade it to another version and evolve it, but then it won't follow you anymore.

If you evolve Pikachu in yellow will it still follow you?

You cannot evolve Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow, unless you trade it to a red or blue version, and give it a thunderstone there. Once you get it back it will not follow you.

Can you get the 150 pokemon on the yellow version without trading?

No you can't you have to trade with other real from pokemon green blue or yellow. Some pokemon evolve only when traded like cadabra.

What level does macoke evolve Pokemon Yellow?

Machoke will evolve at any level because it evolves once you trade it to another player's game.

Pokemon Yellow can you give pikichu a thunder stone and it will evolve?

No, you cannot give the Pikachu that you started with a Thunderstone and evolve it into Raichu since the game blocks that Pikachu's evolution into Raichu while it is in Pokémon Yellow however you can trade for other Pikachu and they will evolve through the use of a Thunderstone.