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i think you go to something called remove tools and remove it

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Q: In Roblox how do you remove the destroy move and copy tool?
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What are the tool names on roblox?

Copy ToolDrag/Move ToolDelete ToolResize ToolPaint Tool

How do you insert an extra baseplate on ROBLOX?

In Roblox Studio, unlock the baseplate using the "lock" tool, then Copy the baseplate, then paste it. Move the baseplate over until it is perfectly even. Don't forget to re-lock it when you're done!

How do you move in roblox?

arrow keys

How do you put your models your house on Roblox?

You have to move some bricks go in tools select (Move) Then you move it inside the house.

The move and copy command accomplish the same task?

COPY leaves the original(s) intact; MOVE does not.

What is the different between cut and copy?

Cut will take the original away, and Paste onto the destination. Copy take a copy of the original, and paste onto the destination. The difference is the original object (the text, the file, the folder, etc) remain in tack (no alternation) for Copy, the original be moved (the Cut)

What is a way to move text from one paragraph to another?

cut-and-paste will allow you to remove (cut) the text from the original place and put (paste) it in the new place, effecting the move. If you want the original left alone, then copy-and-paste will not remove the text from the original place.

Where are all the eggs in the Easter egg hunt 2013 for roblox?

they move

What is the script to make your arms move position on your body in roblox?


When I play roblox I can't move items around my inventory?

When you play Roblox, you can move around the items in your inventory. Just click the backpack in the top left corner, drag any items you want, and presto!

How do you move places on Roblox?

Well they used to be a move button but they took that off. If I ever want to move one of my places I sadly can't.

How you play Roblox?

To play ROBLOX, you must install the software so you will beable to play and build in games. To move, press the arrow keys on the keyboard.