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Yes, once you pay it, you never have to pay it again.

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Q: Is first strike on black ops only paid once?
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What are the maps in first strike zombies cod black ops?

Ascension is the only zombie map in First Strike

Can you get first strike on black ops offline?

You can only buy it online. But you can play the maps offline there after.

Is Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike only for Xbox 360?

No, it is for PS3, and Xbox.

Is Kino Der Toten the only black ops zombie map on the Wii?

For right now yes. If First Strike is on Wii then no.

How do you get Asension on Black Ops?

Ascension is included in the First Strike Map Pack for the PC PS3 and Xbox 360 and can only be played after the DLC has been downloaded. It is not available for the Nintendo Wii & Nintendo DS or if you do not have the First Strike DLC.

How do you get black ops first strike on ps3?

It isn't out yet, it's only out for Xbox 360 Wait til March 3rd then buy it

How do you get map asencion on call of duty black ops zombie mode?

The only way to get ascension is by buying the first strike map pack

Do you need internet for call of duty black ops First Strike?

All the Call of Duty Black Ops DLCs for the PS3 and Xbox 360 including First Strike must be downloaded on your game console. You can only download with the internet connection to your machine. You can not get the download off a PC and put it in your console.

How do you get ascention zombies for black ops wii?

First Strike was the first DLC but was only released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and unfortunately there is no planned release date for Wii.

How much will just ascension be?

Ascension is a zombie map in the First Strike map pack for Black ops so the only way you could buy it is if you buy the whole First Strike Map Ack which will cost you 1200 Microsoft points if on xbox :D

Is there a 5th map pack for cod black ops?

no there is not there is only 4 map packs The names of the map packs are First Strike, Escalation, Annihilation, and Rezurrection.

Is there a cheat to get acension in COD black ops zombies?

No. Ascension is part of the First Strike Map Pack for Call of Duty Black Ops and is available right now only for PS3 and Xbox 360.