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Q: Is it true that at the end of summer you get a free membership on animal jam?
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Can you get a free membership on pixiehollowcom?

you can get a free membership at but if you want to be a true member you have to pay.

Is it true when you find rockhopper you get free 5 or 10 years free membership?

Sadly no, it is not true

Are there any virtual free websites with no membership?

Here are some virtual free websites that you don't have to pay for: millsberry poptropica americangirl You can also do quite a lot of activities on stardoll without paying for a full membership TRUE

Is it true that when you get to level 15 you get free membership in fantage?

I am sorry to say "no". But you can get member ship for the low cost of $6.

Is it true that another Club Penguin player will give you a free Club Penguin membership?

No, you have to buy a Club Penguin Membership card at Toys R Us, or another place. Or, you have to pay for your membership on Club Penguin with your parent's banking card.

What are animal jam codes for a day membership?

There is no such code. Many people think the follow codes exist WHICH IS NOT TRUE!The lion code (You need membership to get it!)special membership codes (TOTALLY NOT TRUE!)Glove codes (NOPE)The only code I know is true that gets you something is the Gecko code.GECKO is the codewhat that person is saying is so not truei had a three day membership because of a code it was awesom13 it is not working so don't try awsome 13 i used it to muchadd me i am ccbbleah and my sis is divainlove

What is the website where you can get free animal jam account?

Sadly most websites that say this are owned by scammers and hackers. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR STUFF. So no there is no true website where you can get a free animal account except for AJ itself.

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Does Aunt Arctic really give penguins who meet her a free Club Penguin membership in Club Penguin?

no that's not true. not unless you know her personally, like your a family member or something.

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